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How COVID-19 pandemic affected our company

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How COVID-19 pandemic affected our company

COVID-19 pandemic that lasted for more than 2 years surely made us reconsider our goals and plans for the future.

Not only in the line of exhibition work, but practically in every field of the market we were forced to find new solutions to make our company survive. In PDMG EXPO we are very dedicated to create a safe and stable workspace for our employees, which was a pretty hard nut to crack, as all exhibition fairs were cancelled practically overnight effecting in very big financial lossess.

However we did pick up the glove and in the end we were able to maintain our dedicated people in these difficult times. We focused on our local market and have done many interior design projects and exterior wooden design for new housing projects.

If you want to learn what we were up to these days, click here to see some projects we did during the pandemic.

Things are not over with Covid-19, but we believe we can proudly say that we made it. We are still here, working and ready to execute your vision for exhibition booth anywhere in Europe.

So let us know how we can help you! 🙂