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PDMG EXPO is a member of PCEI

We are proud and happy to announce that our company has been admitted to the group of members of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry. The Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry (www.polfair.pl) has been operating since 2006 as a chamber of commerce for entrepreneurs in the exhibition industry and industries related to the organization of…
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We stand with Ukraine!

The horrible news from our eastern neighbours shook our hearts deeply. It’s hard to find words which can describe the level of horror our Ukrainian friends are facing at the moment – there is literally no vocabulary to cover it. No matter the circumstances, war and violence should never be an answer to any dispute.…
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How COVID-19 pandemic affected our company

COVID-19 pandemic that lasted for more than 2 years surely made us reconsider our goals and plans for the future. Not only in the line of exhibition work, but practically in every field of the market we were forced to find new solutions to make our company survive. In PDMG EXPO we are very dedicated…
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Finally, a new website!

Took us a while, but here we are! 😉 Actually, it’s been almost 9 years since our latest version of the website was launched. In Internet it’s kinda like forever 😉 So it feels like it’s probably a good time to give you some updates. Yes, we are still here and we are still working,…
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